Who We Are

Who doesn’t remember being picked last for the team? Or picked at all? Not anymore. Inclusively Fit is a place where EVERYONE gets picked. It’s a place where fitness, recreation, social and fun come together, for individuals with Special Needs of all ability levels - not just the best ability levels.

It’s a place where all are welcome. It’s their place.

All ages welcome!

What IF

What if there was a place for your child that combined exercise, education and empathy? A place where “welcome” is a mantra, not a mat. A place where success is measured in smiles as well as speed and steps.

Introducing Inclusively Fit, an approach to fitness and exercise as unique as the individuals it was created to serve. If you’ve struggled to find fitness programs or facilities that meet the specific needs of your child, you’re not alone. Inclusively Fit was founded upon a very simple realization … children with special needs can greatly benefit from a personal exercise and fitness program. What was missing, was a program built specifically for the purpose of meeting that need. A place that understands a person’s physical well-being is strongly connected to their emotional well-being. And that physical accomplishment doesn’t just build stronger muscles, but a stronger sense of self.

We’ve asked ourselves, “What if?” Our answer is Inclusively Fit. A place that believes fitness is a journey best traveled with friends.
Contact us today if you’ve ever asked, “What if?”

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Why IF

As a society, we have to do a much better job of building community for people who have some challenges but still have the capacity to be healthy. We have an epidemic of low expectations and social isolation and the resulting health and emotional problems that ensue from that. Balance is about finding a sense of self-worth and social engagement so that you can feel good about yourself and valued by others. Everybody will have a different pathway to achieving that sense of balance. This is not just about our bodies. It’s about our values.
-Timothy Shriver, Chairman and CEO, Special Olympics

Exercise programs of any form are vital. Being active and staying active are the essential elements to good health and overall happiness. However, physical activity isn’t always that easy, particularly for those that have few exercise options available to them. The group that may face the greatest challenge in this area is the Special Needs community.

According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), children with disabilities are about twice as likely as other children to be overweight or obese often due to the greater likelihood of being sedentary. These children typically don’t participate in team sports. Further, with an affinity for computers and television, these children are often found sitting in front of a screen. Unfortunately, these children also have few friends knocking on their doors to go out and play.

The scope of this problem is huge. Nearly 20% of all children and adolescents have a chronic condition or disability according to the National Center on Physical Activity and Disability, and the levels of participation in recreational or school sport, and physical activity programs is much lower than their non-disabled counterparts. It is therefore critical that ALL children with disabilities engage in healthy eating and regular, adequate physical activity. These children, as much or more, than other students, must learn what a healthy lifestyle is for them, in the context of the abilities and limitations of their respective conditions.

Childhood obesity, because it tends to track into adulthood and is itself a risk factor for the most prevalent chronic diseases, may represent a particular threat to the long-term health of many children with special health care needs.
– Paula M. Minihan, Sarah N. Fitch, and Aviva Must.

In summary, research advises, “Parents of special needs children should encourage participation in sports and physical activity in general. Don’t approach sports as something they can’t do, but rather guide them toward participating in sports in which they can succeed and have fun doing so.”

Great advice, but where to go? You go to Inclusively Fit.

Where IF

Located in Sterling Heights, our new facility has offices in the front and approximately 5,000 square feet of open space with a twenty-foot open ceiling in the back, where the gym is set up. The gym area allows for several trainers and clients to work out at the same time, as well as, provide sufficient space to run, bounce, kick and throw a ball.

With various weight machines and cardio equipment, along with areas for obstacle courses and basketball, our facility has everything our clients need to achieve optimal results.

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Who IF

Mark has a passion for physical fitness and for helping children with special needs. He has a Special Education degree from Eastern Michigan University which focused on Cognitive Impaired and Adaptive Fitness studies.

Prior to opening his own facility, Mark had been working in the Special Education Department for the Birmingham Public Schools and had also launched a highly-successful, after-school Adaptive Fitness program at the YMCA.


Frequently Asked Questions

If you have any questions, you can find the answers below.

Inclusively Fit is a 5,000 square foot, fully staffed and equipped fitness facility .  The center is designed to offer exercise and fitness programs for the special needs community.

Inclusively Fit is staffed by education and fitness professionals trained and experienced in “Adaptive Fitness,” a proven approach employed to provide a highly beneficial, emotional and physical experience for clients with special needs.

Adaptive Fitness is the practice of developing and implementing a designed physical education instructional program for an individual with a disability.

There are circumstance where some insurance may provide some benefit, but in most cases, any membership and training fees are the responsibility of the client family.

Contact Us at (586) 850-5004 or by filling out the Contact Us form below to make an appointment to tour of our facility and meet Mark and his training staff.

Location and Directions

Take Mound Road one-quarter mile north of Metro Parkway/Big Beaver. Turn right/east on Wall Street for three blocks, and turn left/north on Commerce Drive. The gym will be on the right side.

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For any questions or to schedule a visit to our facility, please leave your name, email address and phone number below and we will get back to you.

37980 Commerce, Sterling Heights MI 48312


(586) 850-5004