The motto is located all over when walking into the gym: “IF you are here, you succeed”. Regardless of what condition or concerns you have, the personal training staff as well as the owner, Mark will find ways to make sure that they can help you to achieve any goal you want to. The plans […]

Exercise is not a bad thing, contrary to what you may hear. Not only does your body feels great and you become healthier, but there are mental benefits that are gained from a regular exercise routine. Often, special needs people are discouraged from performing exercise for fear of injury or a mental barrier, but it […]

STERLING HEIGHTS, Mich. (WJBK) – Inclusively Fit is a fitness facility in Sterling Heights where everyone is welcome. Families with special needs and all ability levels are always welcome no matter what the age. “We see success in their self confidence, self esteem, socially, physcially; so we see a transformation,” says Mark Ralco his clients. Before he opened […]

Inclusively Fit is a 5,000 square foot gym that focuses on the physical, the social and the psychological benefits of fitness.